The Holistic Difference

We groom dogs & cats holistically

Grooming Dogs and Cats in a Holistic manner means giving consideration to the well being of the pet in it's entirety. It's more than giving a good bath, dry & haircut; it is thinking of the dog or cat as a complex, sensitive, living creature and treating it with a level of respect and kindess that will support its mental, psychological and physical well being.

Grooming holistically goes beyond the basic physical work and takes the pets psychological and emotional needs into consideration, promoting a feeling of comfort and security for the pet during grooming and a feeling of content when the process is complete.

Temecula Pet Salon not only benefits the pet, but the stylist and the human customer as well.

"So what is holistic grooming?" a customer recently asked as I groomed her dog.

"It is taking your pet's entire experience of being groomed into consideration," I replied. "It is keeping her happy, comfortable and secure while she is with me. Being mindful of the products I use on her skin and coat, how I clean her ears and take care of her nails, and making sure she is not frightened by sounds like the dryer and clippers for the first time. I never force or man handle her if there is something she doesn't like done to her and I nurture her through the process. Beyond that, it is the soothing music I play and the essential oils I use of Lavender, Chamomile and Sage; which are natural anti-anxiety and stress reducers."

Temecula Pet Salon are holistic minded groomers who are interested in ensuring that the grooming environment supports and takes steps to provide a pleasant, safe, clean, calm, comfortable and uplifting space to work in. And we take it another step further by including the pet's owner in this attitude of caring.

Temecula Pet Salon benefits the pet, stylist and human customer

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