About Us

Our foremost concern is the treatment of your pet

Our groomers are some of the best in the industry and have extensive experience in Breed Cuts and the latest Trends in Pet Grooming. This New State of the Art Pet Grooming Salon in Temecula offers Natural and Holistic Products for a Lasting Clean with No Shortcuts! We use the HydroSurge Massage Bathing System which allows for the shampoo to easily penetrate through the hair and down to the skin to flush away dirt, loose hair, dead skin and dander for the healthiest skin possible. Animals love the massage – an invigorating sensation. They benefit by smelling, looking and ultimately feeling good. You too will notice a tremendous difference in your pets grooming.

Temecula Pet Salon's first and foremost concern is the treatment of your pet. To make sure that grooming is not such a frightening experience, we ensure that your pet is treated the same way that you treat your pet, with much caring and kindness. We are very selective in choosing staff that value these standards. This attitude is reflected by many of our customers who say that their pet loves coming here for their baths, or that their pets used to fear getting groomed, but not here at Temecula Pet Salon, where there is a difference! When you are looking for pet groomers in Temecula – look for groomers who use all natural products like EarthBath…like Temecula Pet Salon & Spa!

Stephanie Wilson: Proprietor & Pet Stylist

She has an enormous love for pets.

Stephanie is the former owner of one of OC's premier pet grooming spas and now brings her Holistic Speciality to the Temecula area. She has an enormous love for pets, is a member of A.R.F. (Animal Rescue Foundation), A.F.V. (Animal Friends of the Valley) and has volunteered her time and finances to help find homes & help animals in need of medical attention and has her own loving fur family of 8. Stephanie was a contributing sponsor for Pet Project Foundation and the annual Wag-A-Thon where thousands of people and their furry friends enjoyed an all-day event filled with entertainment, snacks, contests and socializing with 2 and 4 legged creatures. She holds a certification in animal health care and is currently obtaining her certificate in Natural Health Care for Pets to include Holistic Advantages, Animal Psychology & Aromatherapy Practices. Come in & see why the Holistic Difference is the next Best thing in Pet Grooming.

Natural and Holistic Products

We use only the finest products for your beloved pet.

  • Natural Shampoos' with Oatmeal & Aloe, Lavender and essential oils
  • Skin Conditioners and Non Pesticide Flea treatments
  • Colognes, Spritzers & Nail Polish
  • Always Caring & Attentive Attitudes from our Friendly Staff
  • Affordable and Competitive prices

Natural Pet Care

People Tested & Pet Approved!™ Really…

All earthbath products are soap-free and pH balanced to be ultra mild on your pet's skin. Soap can dry skin, remove necessary skin oils, and leave drying residue. pH is important for mildness and to prevent skin sensitivity. Of course earthbath products are all cruelty free and contain no animal ingredients or byproducts. Ever. We promise totally natural pet grooming! Natural pet grooming.

Loves, Hugs & Kisses always included in all pet visits.
No charge!

Contributing sponsor of Rancho Christian School, Great Oaks and Tony Tobin Elementary, Animal Friends of the Valley, A.R.F. and W.A.G.
Member since 2014 Temecula Valley Chamber and the National Dog Groomers Association of America