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Our new state of the art salon offers Natural and Holistic Products that are safe for pets and the environment. Experience »The Holistic Difference«

Pamper Your Pooch

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Pets are happier and healthier when they are well groomed. Temecula Pet Salon offers special products and shampoo add-ons that are used to treat skin conditions caused from various ailments such as allergies and fleas - please let us know what you need!


Grooming Tails

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Regular grooming appointments keep the coat manageable and the dog happy and healthy. Find out what separates Temecula Pet Salon from other Temecula pet groomers.


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We LOVE hearing from you! Join our mailing list, book an appointment, or ask us what makes a blueberry facial so amazing and why holistic grooming is a better choice! Anything you need to know to make your pet happier and healthier is just an email away...


Pet Salon & Spa Services

Grooming for Healthier Happier Pets.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will provide you with a personal grooming consultation to cover all areas of your pets grooming, including skin care and grooming recommendations.

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About Temecula Pet Salon

Our groomers are some of the best in the industry.

This new state of the art Pet Grooming Salon in Temecula offers Natural and Holistic Products for a Lasting Clean with No Shortcuts! Our first and foremost concern is the treatment of your pet.

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